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Dr. James Gottfurcht

Dr. James Gotffrucht

“Bar none... the work that we did last year was the best thing I did for
myself. Our sessions have had a major impact on my life. I see differences in the way other people are coached. For me you are the right coach.”

Roberta Lee-Driscoll
Certified Financial Planner
Honolulu, HA


“I wanted to write to thank you. Collaborating with you on client cases over the past 19 months and the class you led this spring has evolved, enhanced and improved not only my clients' lives, but also my entire business model. Financial planning and coaching have become seamless with my new arsenal of tools.

Here is a recent comment I received from a coaching client who participated in a "Psychology of Money Profile" feedback session: "I learned more about my husband in the two hour session with Dr. Jim than I have in the forty plus years we've been married."

I always recommend your class, "Coaching to Enhance Clients' Financial Success" as well as the "The Psychology of Money Profile". Your system works the entire spectrum for financial planners from those who just want to learn more about their clients to intensive personal coaching.

I look forward to future classes and client cases with you. Of course, a coaching session with you for myself is always a treat and keeps me on track when I need a good strategy or pre-client coaching session pep talk.”

Sherry Hazan-Cohen, CFP, Coach
Plano, TX


“I had a good fortune of taking the Psychology of Money Profile, and then discussing the results with Dr. James Gottfurcht. Being an attorney, I approached the process with more than a healthy dose of skepticism.

I found the process to be very enlightening, however, and would strongly recommend it. Simply answering the questions in the questionnaire causes one to concretely think about one's views and beliefs concerning money. The real benefit comes from obtaining the interpretation of the results from Dr. Gottfurcht.

Even though I consider myself to be financially successful, my responses indicated that I engage in negative self-talk about money. For instance, I was taught that it is not "good form" to discuss financial issues. Dr. Gottfurcht furnished me with suggestions about improving my imagery concerning money.

Based on the fact that I am always pressed for time, this was an easy and quick way to focus on those areas that need it the most. I know that you will learn as much, if not more, from your experience with the "Psychology of Money Profile".”

Pamela Ann Thatcher
Attorney at Law, Corona, CA


“I really enjoyed your recent UCLA Extension course, "The Psychology of Money". As a fellow-instructor, I admired your course content and structure. In only one day, you led us step-by-step into confronting our barriers to prosperity and then into discovering solutions to our financial challenges. We all seemed to feel safe and to open up with you. With your warm, easy-going style, humor, colorful examples and lots of interaction - you made it fun as well as enlightening.

I'm looking forward to working further and learning more with you!”

Pamela Kelly
Communications Consultant
Redondo Beach, CA


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