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Marjean Henderson

Marjean HendersonKnown as "the results coach" among her clients, Marjean uses her 35 years of business, financial and leadership experience coupled with strong creative and intuitive skills, to work with businesses, executives and individuals to transform surviving into thriving.

Marjean began her career at Arthur Andersen & Co. where she spent 12 years working with a broad range of companies providing assurance, IPO and merger and acquisition services. She was the first female audit manager in the Dallas office and coached many women professionals during their public accounting career. Believing that women could manage a family and a career, she headed the first women's task force at Andersen to address these issues.

Marjean left Andersen to become Sr. VP and CFO of RCL Enterprises, the owner of the popular children's TV character, Barney the Dinosaur. During her five-year tenure, the company's revenue grew 10 times year over year- from $50 million to $450 million. During that exciting and stressful time, Marjean was responsible for managing the growth of the company as well as coaching and mentoring the management team and employees through an explosive and ever changing environment.

Marjean continued to work another 15 years as a CFO for companies in transition or transformation. partnering with the CEO to lead, coach and mentor the management teams through the next phase of the business cycle.

For the last five years Marjean has been a partner with Tatum LLC, a national executive services company. The first 4 years, Marjean was engaged as 1) a mentor/coach/ consultant to the CEO's or CFO's or 2) the interim CFO to numerous companies (large and small) in some form of transition whether it is rapid growth, going public or right sizing. "You can't work with companies to initiate change without coaching the people through the change. If the people are forgotten, it's my experience the transition will be tougher, take longer and never be as completely successful. People are who I work with to help accomplish the desired change by helping them map out a game plan, identify and anticipate the challenges/opportunities and then work through the obstacles," she says. "I also stand as their cheerleader, their confidant, and sounding board."

The last year at Tatum, Marjean served as the Associate Managing Partner where she was responsible for practice development, recruiting and integrating new partners into the practice as well as managing and coaching 36 CFO's.

Today Marjean has turned her avocation of coaching and working with others into her life's work. She is associated the Coach U, the largest Coaching University in the world and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Texas with a degree in business, and is a CPA.

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