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Mary Johanna McCurley

Self Improvement Life Coach Mary Johanna McCurleyMary Johanna McCurley is a Certified Professional Coach offering personal, parenting, executive, and marital enhancement coaching for clients looking to take simple, concrete steps toward transforming their lives.

With several years of coaching and mentoring experience, Mary Johanna says she is constantly inspired by her clients' ability to make positive changes in their lives—simply by setting attainable goals and making consistent progress toward those goals. She received her certification training from the College of Executive Coaching, an International Coaching Federation-accredited institution.

In addition to her coaching experience, Mary Johanna has over 30 years' experience as one of the nation's most highly regarded family lawyers. Her years of working with high-profile divorce clients convinced her that leading a fulfilled life, both personally and professionally, is good for individuals, marriages, and families.

"It's almost impossible to handle a client's divorce without getting some insight into their personality," she says. "You begin to see—usually better than the client can see himself—the kinds of habits and traits they have that undermine their personal well-being."

With her coaching clients, Mary Johanna's goal is to help them "be all that they can be." She describes her job as their "thought partner," helping them identify their goals, figure out what obstacles are keeping them from their goals, and map out a game plan for overcoming those obstacles.

"It's all very practical and concrete," she says. "But the key element is accountability. A person can tell themselves ‘I'm in a rut' every day for 20 years, and they'll still be in a rut at the end of another 20 years. But, if you have to report back in a week with a list of the ten ways you might achieve your goals, then we can help them organize an action plan."

In addition to her coaching training, Mary Johanna has co-authored several papers and publications, including "Divorce: Prevention, Survival & Recovery," which she presented at Canyon Ranch, the renowned wellness resort and spa in Tucson, Arizona, in 2006.

She is also the co-author of, "A Happy, Healthy You: A Woman's Guide to Happiness, Health & Harmony." She and her husband Mike McCurley, who is also a coach, are partners in the law firm VernerBrumleyMcCurley. They live in Dallas.

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