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Mike McCurley

Mike McCurley

“I've been working with Mike for about two and a half years. His collaborative guidance, wisdom, and insight have made the difference between my progressing at a frustratingly average rate and the super-sonic momentum that my career now enjoys. Family, personal and professional - balance, awareness, and action have been the corner stones of our work together.

Thanks, Mike. I am happier and more successful in all parts of my life than I ever thought possible.”

Jeffery O. Anderson


“Mike McCurley has been my executive coach for a year and it has been a empowering experience for me. Mike is insightful, strong and funny. I find that Mike does not use some prescribed format to walk me through my issues but he intuitively and creatively knows what approach will work in each of my particular challenges. Sometimes its humor, sometimes persuasion, sometimes it is homework, or a spiritual solution. Whatever his method he ensures, firmly but gently that I see the foibles in my thought process
and in my feelings.

As just one example this fall I was faced with a very tough professional dilemma - a decision that could drastically change my career. It was a very difficult time for me, charged with emotion. Mike helped me walk through the decision with persistence, clarity and faith and to the best possible end. During this journey I kept wavering in my decision and Mike helped me discover why and push through the old issues that were keeping me "stuck'. We got to the goal - the right decision for me and I am truly grateful for his insight and help.

Mike truly cares about people and wants to help me maximize my potential. He does this with integrity. It has been hard work but if it was easy I could have done it alone. I needed the sounding board, the discernment, the push to walk through the difficult to ultimately get to the right decision and goal. He has my gratitude and thanks!”

Marjean Henderson

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