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Dr. Lyle K. Wilson

Life Coach Dr. Lyle Wilson With more than 30 years of experience in the field of healthcare practice and education, Dr. Lyle Wilson guides clients and patients on the path to better health and to leading richer, fuller lives through nutritional, physical, wellness and spiritual coaching.

Of his work Lyle says, "Living well is about finding balance. It's a dynamic equilibrium. Often, we simply haven't learned the tools we need to recognize our imbalances, and that lack of knowledge can produce both fear and inertia. A good teacher helps fill the knowledge gaps, allay the fear, and overcome the inertia."

Lyle holds advanced degrees in both Occidental and Oriental Natural Medicine, allowing him to bring a broad-based and practical approach to helping clients establish and achieve their goals. In addition to coaching clients across the country, Lyle sees local and fly-in patients in his Dallas clinic. His individually designed programs optimize complete structural and functional wellness, combining nutritional, exercise and lifestyle practices with rehabilitative bodywork to improve physical and physiological balance.

A practicing meditator and Benedictine monk, Lyle is an acclaimed public speaker and educator. He was the Founding Director for the School of Massage Therapy at Parker University and regularly offers healthcare program curriculum development consultation throughout the country. He also is a product development consultant for domestic and multinational nutraceutical firms.

Lyle lives in Dallas with his wife Janis Baldwin, who is a jeweler, artist and retired attorney.

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